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Why Spain ?

Spain occupies a prominent position worldwide for the importance of its economy. The world's fourteenth largest economy, it offers one of Europe's most attractive domestic markets as the fifth economy of the EU. With a GDP of 1.2 billion USD, it counts with 46 million consumers, in addition to 75 million tourists who visit Spain annually.

Ron Rojo SL,& CUB International

We have been involved in the Spanish real estate market for over 20 years, during this time, we have seen some turbulent times and have overcome many challenges, something that sets as apart from our competitors in Spain, Unfortunately, some of them could not manage the difficult times,and are no longer around. if you are looking to invest in property in spain then we are perfectly placed to guide you to exactly the right choice based on your own specifications.

We dedicate a lot of time and effort into our due diligence process, which means that you have complete peace of mind and unlike most real estate agents in Spain, we do not keep huge lists of available properties, we work on a bespoke basis for private clients with specific requirements. .

Business & foreign investment in Spain

The high international profile of the Spanish economy has enabled Spain to transform itself into a key platform for international business. In fact, Spain is the 13th country as recipient of foreign investments in the world, highlighting the major role of foreign investment in its economy.

Spain offers business opportunities for business, something especially attractive for international investors, given their great potential for growth. Over the last 5 years, one out of every three projects received was framed within sectors of high technological value and with a significant contribution of R&D&i, such as in those of ICT, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health sciences, smart cities, environment, aeronautics and aerospace, tourism and business services, among others.
In Spain there are already over 12,300 foreign companies representing all sectors of the economy: Industrial, Technological, and Services. According to Forbes, 70 of the 100 leading global leaders have investments in Spain, and according to Thomson Reuters, 90 of the 100 main companies in the field of R&D have a subsidiary in Spain.

Good news for Property Owners & landlords !

This Data is fantastic news for investment in Spain, for business and private clients, it means you can be sure that the demand for commercial and residential property is growing expotentially, and that exit stategies in spain are easy and profitable, there will always be good tennants and purchasers waiting for the ideal premises, we can help you make sure that the property you acquire either by lease or outright purchase is a safe and profitable choice. contact us for a free consultation.

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