What are Staff benefits?

Employee benefits help employers treat their valuable staff well and fairly, wherever they are in the world. Staff benefits and rewards solutions incentivise staff, and can help retain an employer's critical workforce.

We understand that employee benefits is a specialist area however - because different tax, legal and regulatory regimes in Morocco create complexity, our advisers help you navigate this complexity and create simple, high quality solutions in the follow areas: -

  • Moroccan investment consulting

  • Moroccan retirement planning

  • Moroccan insurance

  • Moroccan life insurance

  • Moroccan disability insurance

  • Moroccan workers compensation

  • Moroccan Private medical insurance

  • Moroccan Wellness benefit plans

  • Moroccan group benefits

  • Moroccan Benefit plan design

  • Moroccan Benefits auditing

  • Moroccan flexible benefits

  • Moroccan Voluntary benefits

  • Moroccan Employee benefit planning

  • Moroccan executive financial planning