Tax in Morocco

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Below, we have included basic tables to show tax rates in Morocco, if you would like to find out more, please book a free consultation with our consultants.

tax advice in morocco

Company income tax rates

The Moroccan tax system considers that all revenues and capital gains generated in Morocco are subject to Moroccan tax.

Companies are taxed on the difference between their income and expenditure. Expenses incurred in the Running of the business are generally deductible unless specifically excluded.

The rates are as follows:

* Moroccan dirham

Personal income tax rates


Private individuals who have their tax residence in Morocco are subject to an individual income tax on their worldwide income.

Individuals not having their tax residence in Morocco are subject to tax only on Moroccan-sourced income.


The individual income tax is calculated on the basis of the tax table:

Annual taxable income (MAD*)

* Moroccan dirham